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String spacing at nut and bridge?

I am having a Baroque guitar built by an excellent luthier of bowed instruments as well as a few medieval string instruments (citole, harp,…

Started by Roger Landes

2 12 hours ago
Reply by Gabriele Natilla

Capona by Valdambrini

Hello,  I was wondering if someone can suggest me a way to get the tablature of the Capona by Valdambrini  (the one played here: https://ww…

Started by Gabriele Natilla

7 13 hours ago
Reply by Gabriele Natilla

Baroque guitar ornamentation chart.

I have found online a modern rendering of an ornamentation chart, writing out various ornaments, attributed to J.S. Bach. I believe that th…

Started by Bill Brettschneider

0 yesterday

Venture a guess as to who made this historic guitar?

Hello super-sleuthes, I wonder if anyone has seen a similar guitar body which might help me identify the maker. Late 18 th century I assume…

Started by Christopher Davies

2 Jan 8
Reply by Christopher Davies

Murcia Tarantellas

This is a theme I am still trying to get my head around. Im sorry if I am repeating. I just got a chance to work on the murcia tarantella i…

Started by Bill Brettschneider

13 Dec 30, 2015
Reply by Monica Hall

la guitarre royalle

Page 69, saraband. Measure 16. What is going on here? Was it common, when the composer wanted to sustain a more or chord beyond the bar lin…

Started by Bill Brettschneider

10 Dec 28, 2015
Reply by Bill Brettschneider


I'm looking at Francisco Guerau "harmonico pro el guitarra espaniola" on the thirteenth page, the index. He lists the number of "Diferencia…

Started by Bill Brettschneider

3 Dec 27, 2015
Reply by Monica Hall

Murcia facsimile?

Does anybody have a link to a codice saldovar 4 (or however it's spelled) facsimile pdf that they can share? Or is there some reason that's…

Started by Bill Brettschneider

21 Dec 17, 2015
Reply by Bill Brettschneider


Is there a Baroque text that gives technical details for rasgueado? You see plenty of creative variation on youtube, but I wonder what is t…

Started by Bill Brettschneider

31 Dec 4, 2015
Reply by Monica Hall

Corbetta guitar royale "suite

I am working on a few pieces in the Corbetta guitar royal and I noticed something that seems strange to me. If this were the only place I h…

Started by Bill Brettschneider

5 Nov 26, 2015
Reply by Monica Hall


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