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I was wondering if someone can suggest me a way to get the tablature of the Capona by Valdambrini 

(the one played here:


Thank you, 


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here you go.

crud. the file is too big. I can maybe e-mail it to you.

Dear Bill,

I'm looking for the original tablature by Valdambrini. Would it possible to share with me? Do you want something in exchange? If you read German, here's a link to my research page (the English version will come soon...): http://www.accordsnouveaux.ch/de/styled/index.html

Thanks a lot!



send me a mail and I'll give you my link to download it ...

Thank you very much. Here is my mail: gabchan@free.fr

answer sent in on your mailbox.

Bill, I'm interested in the tab for the Valdambrini Capona as well. You can send a message in my mailbox here. Let me know if you need a separate email. Thank you so much.

"there is the manuscript (italian way), but I have also done a transcription with the first course up. Send me your mail."

Hello Gabriele, hello everybody

I'm looking for the  original tablature of the complete Valdambrini-Print.

Can anybody help me ?

Thank You


will you send me an email, so that I can send you the scan of the Capona? 

Hi, I'm interested too in this Capona. Could you, please, send me a copy?



Hello, do you mean the original? Otherwise I have a version made by me transcribing the original. Is can send to you as soon as I get to my computer at home.

Hi, the transcription would be enough, thank you.


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