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Just for the record I feel I should point out that the manuscript known as "Princess Anne's lutebook" (NL:DHnmi Kluis D 1, previous sigla NL:DHgn Ms.4 E73) does not date from the middle of the 18th century.   It was copied in the 1690s and it belonged to our  English Queen Anne before she came to the throne in 1702.   Sorry to disappoint any of our Dutch members who may have thought it belonged to the later Princess Anne who married who married William IV of Orange.  The manuscript is now in the Muzeikinstitut at the Hague rather than the Gemeente Muzeum.   Some of the music in the manuscript is arrangements of theatre music by Purcell and also there are arrangements of dances from Playford.

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Thanks for the update. But I will miss the Dutch connection. -- R
Yes - but it seems that the manuscript was actually in England until the early 20th century when the Dutch collector D.F. Scheurler bought it from the London bookseller Otto Haas.   Presumably he thought or hoped that  it had belonged to the later Princess Anne.   What prompted me to mention it was that looking through scores one of our members has put some scans online.   Very helpful and the music is very attractive.   It was the American guitarist Elizabeth Brown who identified the pieces by Purcell and Playford and originally suggested that the ms. was earlier than mid 18th century and I was able to confirm that when I traced a note about it in a book by the early 19th century composer William Shield who owned the ms at that time.    He has reproduced some of the pieces and clearly says that the ms. belonged to Princess Anne before she became Queen.

Do you know if a full edition of this book exists anywhere?


Xavier, I have a scan of the book. It contains 155 pages of guitar music, and the file is 60MB in size. If you would like it, I could share it on a dropbox. Send me a private message.

Though I am over two years late, I hope I can get a copy of it, too.  I was looking for a piece called "Running Footman". Do you know if I can find it there?

If you have a digital copy of it please can I have one too? I have only a microfiche and blurry print out.

hello someone can help me I'm looking for the book Princess Anne guitar book (copied 1690s) (NL: DHnmi Kluis D 1, previous acronym NL: DHgn Ms.4 E73) especially I'm interested in the songs that the book contains someone knows where it is possible to consult online or download .....
Thank you

I too would like to be able to get the Princess Anne's Book in facsimile.
Thanks for any help!
Terry McKenna


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