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Is this treatise by Fernando Ferandiere from 1816 is the first time that the modern chords alfabeto signs apeared in history?

or it appeared earlier?


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Not sure what you mean, Ariel, as I can't see any chord signs on that link you provided. Plus, you mention alfabeto, and that had been around for a LONG time before Ferandiere. Maybe I missed something with that link. Do you mean, for instance, the letter E meaning an E major chord? That is not alfabeto, as you know.

I was also rahter confused when looking at the link. I dont even see the letter E You mention Rob. Where do You see that. Perhaps I'm going blind. :-)

I didn't see the letter E. I was just using it as an example of what Ariel might be referring to. Still not sure.

Did you mean pages 34, 36, etc?  

Ah, yes, I see what you mean. There are letter names for chords, and the letter name does = the chord. So my made up example of E = E major stands :-)

Yes, Ariel, this might be the earliest example of such notation, but I have no idea. Good question!

that what I mean

Judging from the example on page 37, the alphabet seems to indicate just the tonics of the keys rather than the chord names. He doesn't even distinguish between major chords and minor chords, for example.

That said, this document looks very interesting. Thank you for sharing, Ariel.

Ferrandiere's Book was originally published in 1799.   A facsimile of it was roduced by Tecla editions.   It seems to include the same things as this later version.   Monica

it is really looks like 18th century notation


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