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An exceptional guitar! A kind of lyra guitar with a Stauffer headstock. Build in the first half of the 19th century.  Made of tin plate, the front is brass, so suitable for heavy metal. It should be in the Leipzig museum now.

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Wow. Amazing. Probably sounded crap!

If it had metal strings it would have sounded like a 19th century dobro... you are right... crappy.

Something like this:  http://youtu.be/tB5_XbNA6QI

It's obviously solid evidence for time travel. I suspect it's an early prototype for Futureman's (of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones) Drumitar. He cannot be from this place in time so must travel throught time compiling bits and pieces for his intruments....Notice the similar use of widely available....uh, junk!


I love the built in stand...if that's what the bits on the bottom are.





Well, maybe not that similar now that I look at it a second time ;)

Any idea about the inside structure, the braces? Transverse like the Viennese, I'd imagine but wondering if they used metal as well.

If the top is made of brass, you could go without any braces maybe?


As Hans noted, the design should be pretty cool for a solid body electric with 36 frets!

It reminds me of Paul Bigsby's guitars of the fifties...

You need to compare it to a better fake :http://www.flickr.com/photos/17737782@N05/5096093876/in/photostream. Built while there was a lull on the wait list.  Talk about early guitar reproductions...

It does look a lot like the Bigsby. Cool shape (both of them).  I bet it would make a neat guitar if made from wood.

This is what Prince probably played in a former life.

.....petit cabriolet rouge.....Bébé tu es beaucoup trop vite....

Or maybe it should be

kleine rote cabriole....Baby du bist viel zu schnell....


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