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How extensive is the literature for baroque guitar duets? I've heard of the Corbetta (but haven't found them online). I don't mean music for "x" plus continuo, but true BG duets.
Thanks for any info.

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There are some duets on this page. The writing is messy, but readable.


What a fantastic resource, thanks so much! Any way to get access to more of the Ms (especially those chaconnes)?
I have a copy of the manuscript, it contains about 80 pieces and 21 chorals. I can copy the manuscript and upload it.
Hej Trond. I would love to see more from this manuscript.
Could someone please explain how to upload the pdf file here on this site, so everyone can see it?

On your member page there is place for posting in the central area of the page. I forget now what it is called at first. After clicking the Edit button I retitled the area of the page "Scores". Above the text entry area are a series of buttons -- B I U S then three more. The blank looking icon on the right allows you to upload a file (such as a PDF) from your computer. A pop-up window will allow you to navigate your computer to the file you wish to upload. The text box will show a long string of text so that links to your uploaded file, but that will disappear later -- you will only see the file name of your upload. You can also add text in the block. When you are done just click the Save button. You can go back and keep editing this entry in the future.
One other comment -- I could not upload a file using the Safari browser. I need to use Firefox instead. Let us know if you upload something!
A member of this group, Trond Bengtson, has published another page from that same manuscript:


It's a solo piece, but it might be useful. If you find some more of these, please tell me.

I don't think it is very extensive. In addition to Corbetta's printed works, there is a workable duet combining two Corbetta and De Visee solos. Foscarini has a duet for instruments a fourth apart, a Portuguese Minuete that Budasz edited in his dissertation, and the Hertzberg pieces. I have done some editing on a couple of these pieces but they are not finished enough to upload. If you are strung with a low 5th course Merchi has duets for 5-course guitar published by SPES. I would be curious to learn of others. The trios in the De Gallot ms. are well known, and could be used as a basis for duets. Or, you could write your own second part!
I forgot to mention that Diesel wrote a number of duets.
Some Diesel duets have been added to my member page.
I've updated the C major Diesel duet on my member page.


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