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Anyone have music for Domenico Pellegrini's Sarabande in d minor?

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Did anybody get back to you on this? I have the facsimile of Pellegrini's book if you can tell me which page it is on.
Thanks Martin; this was not the piece I was referring to, but quite lovely! -Ted
Hey, thanks everyone! I ended up earing the song out; I had a recording of it by Barry Mason. The end result was pretty good. Just wanted to make sure. Does anyone know how many books Pellegrini wrote?
Ooooh man what a goof I am. Thanks Martin, You have the correct music. If only I would have SCROLLED DOWN and I would have seen it! Thanks, and nice to see the pieces that precede it.
Spectacular man, thanks! Wonderful people on this site.
Un vrai cadeau, a true gift, thanks!
I can provide the complete fcs book to anyone who needs it .
I've a lot of others including some rarities ...
Just ask !
Tell us about the rarities.
original copy of unpublished LeCocq's works (Brussels Bibliotheque)


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