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Santiago de Murcia: Resumen de Acompanar La Parte Con La Guitarra

Does anyone know where to get this book. Chanterelle editions has printed it but they dont seem to have it anymore

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Some of the pieces from it are here, in tab mind you:


I also have a selection of pieces (14 or 15) from it that I might be able to send you if you contact me off forum.


I think our own Monica Hall (search under members for her contact info) has done a fair bit of work on it so may be able to help you with finding an online source for the facsimile.

Well - I actually wrote the introduction to the Chanterelle edition but it is now out of print.  Another facsimile edition of it with an introduction by Gerard Arriaga was published in Spain but I haven't got the details.   I'll see if I can trace them.  Monica


You can download the facsimile in the BNE website:


Thanks for all the links. Another questions comes up. Is there methods for baroque guitar translated in english from the period. Just like the english translation of Fernando Sor method translated in 1832.

Perhaps this one is relevant. "The False Consonances of Musick". Not a translation - it was written in English by Nicola Mattheis, published London(?) 1682.  The introduction and instructions (26 pages) are in English; the remainder is mostly practical examples with attached descriptions in (Neapolitan?) Italian and a few further pages in English. Facsimile by Chanterelle 1980.  Forward by James Tyler.

(I do have one spare copy!)

The Gerard Arriaga edition was published by Arte Tripharia in Madrid in 1984.   Don't know if it is still in print.

Hello Ms Hall,

I don’t have your edition of the Resumen de Acompañar de Santiago de Murcia (Chaterelle, 1980) but I need to quote one phrase of the Introduction that I saw in the Lute society web (http://www.lutesociety.org/vanilla/lutesoc/uploads/baroque-guitar/m...). What I need is the number of the page of the following paragraph:

"Resumen de acompañar" includes one of the most comprehensive treatises on accompanying a bass line with the guitar. It was evidently much admired. There are three complete 18th century manuscript copies of it. Biblioteca nacional, Madrid Ms.M881, dated 1726, is a straightforward copy. In Biblioteca nacional, Madrid Ms.1233 (1763) and Granada University Ms.16972 it is combined with excerpts from Sanz's "Instruccion de musica"(1674). Minguet y Irol (Note5) reproduces Murcia's notes on Tiempos (p.42-43) without the musical examples and the text and music from p.28 separately with an ingenious device for reproducing the scales on p.29-34."

Thank you very much,

Dear Monica Hall,

thank you for your comment. As you said your edition of the Resumen is out of print and I would like to have the introduction that you wrote for the Chaterelle edition. It is posible that you send me that introduction? Sorry, I don't know if I'm asking too much.



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