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Hello everyone,

I seek Volume 1 (Commentary) of the thesis in two volumes of Craig H. Russell, Santiago de Murcia' S “Codex Saldívar 4”, A Treasury of Guitar Music from Baroque Mexico (University Illinois Press, 1995)

I looked at all the possible sites of sale these previous months. This book is unfortunately out-of-print. I wrote these last days with the editor. Alas, Ami Reitmeir, the Inventory Manager of the University of Illinois,  indicated to me that not only, it did not have there more no exemplary in-house, but also that the republication of this book was not envisaged in the plans of the editor.

I am extremely disappointed. I more particularly seek to get  the chapter 3 “Individual Dances” of this book which gives some informations and explanations on the titles of the parts, their origin, their stylistic characteristic etc.
I succeeded in recovering some pages via “Google Books” where extracts are visible. But I miss all the beginning of the chapter (page 26 I think) until with dance 29 (Seguidillas manchegas). Then I miss all the end, starting from paragraph 50-66 (Minuets).
If somebody had the occasion to scan this chapter, I will be magic to read it (and if somebody has a specimen of this book which he would like to sell, I can also make a proposal, reasonable that goes from oneself !)

Thank you with all for your assistance.

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TRy later in google books. Sometimes they change the selection from day to day. I just checked and I can see pages 26 to 29.
Thanks Juan Pablo. But I do not know how you showed pages 26 to 29. I have just turned over on books.google, and there are always the first three pages (cover, contents) and then a series of pages (those which I have already), 84 to 115. Mystery?
I will try to copy them and put them in a pdf file. As of now, I have pages 26 thru 52. I'll try to send them via mail because I'm not sure it would be OK to post it here. I just sent you a friend request so that I can send you messages.
I very much enjoyed the essay on Spanish Dances in "Dance and Instrumental Diferencias in Spain During the 17th and Early 18th Centuries" by Maurice Esses. Google books offers previews of both volumes -- Volume I history and background, Volume II transcriptions (including lots of Baroque guitar pieces).
Thank you Rocky to have announced me these books of Maurice Esses whose I was unaware of the existence. Very complete books and documented extremely well according to what I started to see :-)

To return to the book of Russell on Murcia, we succeeded, in thanks to Juan Pablo, to collect the beginning and the end of the chapter 3, most interesting, on the individual Dances. We have pages 26 to 52, and 84 to 126: it thus misses only pages 53 to 83.

I think that we exhausted the means of better doing while seeking on different the sites from books.googles. But I am sure (finally, I hope!) that one of the owners of the original of this book 1 of Russell will be able to help me, and through me, all community of impassioned this music of Murcia. Thank you still.
Better equipment leads to a better resolution. Check your mailbox again.

Hello ROY Jean-Bernard,

I am currently doing research on Santiago de Murcia, and this book it´s very hard to find.

Could you find the other pages of the book? 

I could only get a few pages.

I just ADD you as friend. Please let me know if you have this material via INBOX.

(Sorry about my precarious english...).

Thank you very much.

You could try ordering his dissertation on ProQuest. $38.00 for a digital download.



This doesn't have anything about the Saldivar Codex as it was not available at the time Russell did his dissertation.   Incidentally my dissertation on Murcia is available from the British Library.  The reference number is D50374-84 and the title is "The guitar anthologies of S. de Murcia".

Hi Monica,

There appears to be a problem with the availability of your thesis. When trying to access it on the British Library website via EthOS (English Thesis Online Service), the following message appears: "Although Open University participates in EThOS, this thesis cannot be supplied from the EThOS service. The reason given by the institution is: Unable to locate thesis". Maybe you could supply them with another copy or make one available online yourself...            

This is not much help, but Vol. 1 is available on eBay for over $500USD:

Search 'Saldivar Codex Murcia thesis Craig Russell'
Can you email me at

Alex Dunn, Victoria, Canada


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