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Dear Friends,


I have very little free time these days, and, to be honest, my focus is elsewhere. I have therefore asked Rocky Mjos to take over the running of this site, and he has agreed. I'm sure Rocky will improve this place enormously, and I wish him well.


I'll pop back every now and then to see what you are all up to.


Rob MacKillop

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Thanks, Rob, for starting this group. Don't be a stranger!

Thanks Rob for having given us the opportunity to share our interest and love of music.
Bien amicalement, Patrig
You've done a wonderful job in creating and guiding this network, so I don't think there are _enormous_ improvements to be made! Thank you for your contributions!
Thanks Rob for the time you already spent so generously.
Here, here... (or is it Hear, hear?)
And thanks from me too. This site is great fun and very useful!
Thanks Rob for this ning site and your other initiatives - like tour great youtube videos - in spreading this music all over the web. I've been learning a lot with the people in this community.

Let us know about your news projects.

...new projects!
Thanks, Rob. Between this group, and your other websites, you've made researching this music and these instruments much easier. A great service to us all.
Well, I should leave more often! Such nice comments...

For your information:

Current Projects

1. The gut-strung 'classic' banjo, 1860-1925ish - see www.ClassicBanjoRM.com
2. Torres-Tarrega-LLobet but with a tornavoz, a brass funnel inside the guitar, made for me by Michael Thames - see (eventually) www.RMguitar.info

But as both subjects are off topic here :-) I should go...
I agree, Rob, with all the comments you've recieved and I certainly have appreciated the top quality work and effort you've put into this site. I also think you have left the site in good hands. Rocky is certainly an excellent choice.



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