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Started to struggle with the lute July 2010, started with baroque guitar a couple of weeks ago, I have many questions. Here is two of them:


1. Is there a guide to the different signs for ornaments in tabulature for baroque guitar on the internet or some relevant books or articles someone can recommend? I need some information here.

2. The use of rasguado: a) When a G chord is written with only numbers on the 5th , 2nd , and 1st string and a sign for up- or downstrike, are you supposed to play open 3rd 4th strings too? b) In Canarios by Gaspar Sanz the tabulature don't show any rasguado in the section most players go very flamenco like – What's the reason? (It sounds cool, but......) Is there any rules or historical evidence I should know about?

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This book will help answer many of your questions, the ones you have now and the ones you will have soon:


The book is not available in the UK yet, but will be in March. It is already available in the USA. Sadly, its author, James Tyler died just before the book came out. He was regarded as one of the leading academics in the area of baroque guitar, so I'm sure the book will be worth a read.


Your question 2a: Yes.


2b: You are right. We are being very 'rude'

Coming from a part of Norway having a reputation a bit like Scotland when it comes to money, I had hoped for some recourses on the Internet ;-), but thank you – I will order the book soon.

When it comes to rasguado, it was as I suspected: Sounds cool, we go for it!



You might wish to go to Google Books to get a preview of Tyler's books:


Enter "James Tyler" as the search term. You might wish to check both the "Guide to Playing the Baroque Guitar" which Rob mentioned and the wonderful "The guitar and its music: from the Renaissance to the Classical era".

-- R

Olav, I've just got Tyler's book from Amazon. Seems great. But while you are waiting for it you can have a look at


 If you don't succeed, go to the topic Robert de Visee Tabs and click on the links provided by Michael Vesth.

Good luck!



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