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An edition that has proved quite popular is ''Fernando Sor - The Sixteen Easiest Pieces'' (pub: Tecla Editions). Because of its popularity I thought it would be a good idea to record all the pieces on my Ambridge Panormo with gut and silk strings by Aquila, tuned to A=415, and using Sor's technique, or as close to it as I can get (no nails, hardly any use of the anular finger, thumb/index scales, etc).

You can hear the mp3 files here: http://www.sorstudies.co.uk

Let me know if you are working on these pieces.

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Thanks Rob for the recording of these pieces. It's fine to hear your playing. I'll start with Sor's music when my "romantic guitar" is back from the luthier who is working on it.
All the best, hope I meet you once, Patrig
I'm sure you'll enjoy playing Sor on your Romantic guitar. Hope to hear your performances some day.
Rob, you've a really particular talent to make Sor poeticall. Thank you (and it's worth a real recording or CD)
Thanks. I tried interesting a few record companies in a Sor disc, but none of them are interested. I don't want to pay for it myself, so I'm happy to just make mp3 files for free. A properly-recorded CD would be nice, though.
And what about subscription?
Ha. I doubt we could raise enough to do a proper recording. I certainly don't have the energy to go asking for donations.
That's an interesting idea. I'd subscribe :-)


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