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Hello, I am desperately looking for Santiago de Murcias "Passacalles y Obras de guitarra..." (1732) which also contains some transcriptions of Corellis op. V for Violin and B.c.

There was a facsimile edition by Editions Chanterelle, Monaco, but it is unfortunately out of print.


Does anyone have an idea where to find it, printed or in the internet? Can´t find it anywhere. I would love to play especially the Corelli pieces which sound really, really funny on the baroque guitar when you know the original... (there is a CD played by Wiliam Waters).

Thanks, Stefan 

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Dear Cogg, thanks a lot for your answers, and for your giga attachment... it will give me the chance to start to practice, and until I reached your fish, (perhaps in a year) the rest of the "obras" may be available in the internet as you guessed ;-)

I do not agree with your opinion about your own tabulature handwriting - ist far from beeing to squashed up and very nice - unfortunately you seem to have it removed from this page before I could save it. That´s why I saved your corelli immediately ;-)


Thank you, Stefan

Rich Savino has written about reentrant tuning and the bass line in the Corelli
Can you give us the reference.   Monica
Yes.  I actually wanted the reference to Righard Savino's article too.   Monica
I can let you have scans of the Corelli pieces if you haven't already got them.   Monica

Hello Monica,


this would really be lovely! Thanks a lot! Stefan

I have scanned them and put them on my page in the score section in two pdfs as they were too big to go into one.   Monica

Hello Monica,


this is very kind, thank you!



Which word describes better these pieces? Transcription, arrangement, adaptation?
That's a good question.   They are not really transcriptions because they don't reproduce all the parts of the original.   They could be either arrangements or adaptations.   The interesting one is the Adagio on f.89v where he has singled out the bass part rather than the violin part.   I don't know if it would fit with the violin part as an accompaniment because I have never tried it.  In the others it is the violin part that he has arranged/adapted with basic harmonization.


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