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and 'Brunette', are all titles of pieces in an edition of charming transcriptions for classical guitar
by Philippe Meunier -  Editions aux guitares, EAG 10-201, pub. 1980.

It declares that the pieces come from a bg manuscript but doesn't state which one.

I wonder does anyone here recognise such titles and can inform which baroque guitar ms they come from?

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A Brunette is a vocal genre, like Romance, only from the 1700s. There are many, but they are for voice and guitar, not guitar solo.

Hi Stuart, Happy New Year!

They are in Bib.Nat. de France Ms. vm76222.

Mariez moy is on f.14

Brunette is on f.15v

Flon flon is on f.20v

Pierre Bagnolet is on f.32

I have a copy of the ms. if you want the original

I'll copy the pieces tomorrow - it's well passed my bedtime.   The Ms. does include quite a few pieces by de Visee as well.

Here we go...


I'll do them one by one


The next one...


And the last one.....

¡grandes Mónica y Cogg! you are great Mónica and Cogg! The pie es look nice and not Vern complicated. i thought them had words to them, though.

Hi Cogg,

I posted a link to the full manuscript in another thread but I'll post it here too:



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