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On Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris's site, they speak of "...the magnificent, recent work
of Gerardo Arriaga – able to access the pieces contained in all
seven books on one CD-ROM."
Does anyone know where this can be purchased and about how much it costs? It is supposed to be all 7 extent books of vihuela music.

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I have a copy of this but it is not clear who publishes it. It was certainly published in Spain and the two publishers mentioned on the sleeve are Musica Prima and Opera Tres. The ISBN is 84-95609-41-X and the spanish legal deposit number is CO-1439-03. It may have been a limited edition and no longer available. It consists of a CDROM and a booklet written by Gerardo Arriaga. The CDROM has all 7 vihuela books on it in color and it is indexed in such a way that you can get straight to the piece you want and print it out. In other words it is invaluable - if you can get it!
Libro de Musica para Vihuela, cd-rom might be ordered from the


contact Carlos Gonzales he surely has the anscrew.

It's a very useful cd-rom
Perfect! Thanks!


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