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have been asked to play continuo for a concert includng:

a Bach cantata
a Bach harpsichord concerto
a Zelenka Miserere
a selection of Rameau's concerted pieces.

it's probably cheeky to use BG for the Bach cantata but what about the Zelenka?

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According to documents beginning with the formula "villancicos que se cantaron" this kind of pieces would be performed inside the church during vespers services. Usually in three groups of three with sermons between each group. Though not liturgical in the sense of Mass settings, these pieces felt at home inside a church.

Benedict XIV wrote in 1749 the encyclical annus qui hunc which bans some instruments from church usage. He uses the name "Cheles" , which could has been understood as lutes, guitars, mandolins or other similar instruments. Would this ban reflect a common practice that had to be corrected?

Thank you for the appropriate use of continuo ideas.

All very true - but it doesn't really have any relevance to the music of Bach, Handel or Zelenka who were originally mention.   It is a completely different cultural environment. 


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