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Can anyone tell me where I can find information about French Baroque ornementations? I find it rather difficult to determine how for example to play an appogiatura properly. Are there instructions
available somewhere?

Thank you!

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In Amsterdam, is het 't beste Fred Jacobs te vragen denk ik.
In Amsterdam the best thing to do is asking Fred Jacobs's opinion.
Groeten, best wishes,
There are indications on how to interpret the ornaments found in French 17th century guitar music in a good number of modern publications. Here are just two that come to mind, both by James Tyler (who is, by the way, among the members of this ‘community’):

1. The guitar and its music: From the Renaissance to the Classical Era, OUP 2002
2. A Brief Tutor for the Baroque Guitar, Chorus publications, 1984

The second one may turn to be difficult to come by but the first is available on Amazon.

However, the best way would perhaps be to learn how to do it from a good player, either directly or from a recoding. One such recording that I can not recommend highly enough is by Eduardo Eguez – “The King’s Teacher”, on which he plays a selection of music by Robert de Visee for lute, theorbo and guitar. He is an amazing player (all things subjective of course!) and, would I venture to add, could well perhaps be a good enough teacher for any adventurous modern day King or Queen :)

PS: Oh well, just noticed that Patrig has given you some similar suggestion ...
Hello Martin,
Thanks for your reply. With my baroque group I am working on Marin Marais (i play the lute) and individualy I am working on Robert de visee (baroque guitar) . Maybe the best thing to do is to listen to performances and compare it with the music. And buy one of the books suggested by the other members,
thanks Annemiek


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