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I have noticed that many interpreters of Gaspar Sanz's music add rasguado sections that are not written in the tablature. Is there historical documentation of this freedom?

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Sanz includes a page of rasgueado pieces right before his tablature pieces. Some of them are also included in the rasgueado section like Villano, Rujero, Paradetas, Folías, etc. I suppose some people play both pieces one after the other.

They probably get their inspiration from Murcia as well; he often starts his Spanish dances with the theme in rasgueado style, followed by punteado variations, at least in the Saldívar manuscript.

Thank you for the answers!

This explain many of the versions I have heard, but it's also usual to hear people playing a rasguado section in Canarios. It sounds well, but is there any evidences that this was done at the time of Sanz?

It depends what sort of evidence you want.   A strummed version of Canario is included in Ruiz de Ribayaz "Luz y Norte (1677) and in Murcia's versions in Codice Saldivar no. 4.  It is really a mix and match situation.  These little harmonic formulae are supposed to form the basis of improvisations...


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