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  • Almande


    Claude Gervaise, Livres de danceries, Paris ca. 1550 intabulated by Pascale Boquet, Collection LE S… wolfgang wiehe Nov 19, 2015 62 views

  • Con que la lavare

    Con que la lavare

    ¿Con que la lavaré la flor de la mi cara? ¿Con que la lavaré que vivo mal penada? Lavanse las casad… wolfgang wiehe Oct 30, 2015 116 views

  • Conte clare

    Conte clare

    "Conte clare" aus: Morlaye. Le premiere livre de chansons, galliardes....1552. ...ein Versuch wolfgang wiehe May 12, 2014 5/5 stars 104 views

  • Conte clare

    Conte clare

    Guillaume Morlaye: Le second livre de chansons, galliardes... 1553. for renaissance guitar (Ivo Mag… wolfgang wiehe May 11, 2014 5/5 stars 85 views



    tochata da sonare nel fine del ballo / PPB 1536 thanks to Sean W Smith for his r-guitar-intabulation wolfgang wiehe May 8, 2014 87 views

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