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This guy is building vihuella, I know there have been some posts asking questions about that, its in Portugese, maybe someone could translate? This page inspited me to get off my duff and try the headstock on my guitar build!


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I would do it myself however it would probably take me awhile to do it properly since it's quite a lot of material to translate Frei.
It could be an interesting project to take on and perhaps a good contribution to the vihuella material that's available however I'm sure you might find similar books in English?
All the best.
I just remembered google translate, or even bablefish, but most of this for me is pretty straight forward. Thanks
nice. good luck.
Cool thanks, one thing I do know, if you build a custom Baroque guitar, and you want a bright woody tone filled sound, use Koa wood! If my first couple Baroques come out ok, I will switch really quick to Koa for back and sides.
Nice book
Google translate doesn't work for it, but it's quite clear in it's pictures.

Always good to see books like this.

I've posted my own the workbook (lute) in the 'building and repair' part of the lute-forum.


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