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Dear all, I am looking for Valdambrini´s libro secondo. Any ideas where I might be able to find it? Many thanks! Bernhard  

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Dear Bernhardt, I have the scans that Andrea Damiani made from the library. He gave them to me very generously and I can send them to you. Please write me your email address.


Dear Alexandros, Thank you very much for your kind offer. Bernhard


Would you be able to send me the scans as well? I can send you my email after a friend request.

Thank you, Daniel

Any chance one of you would be willing to share those scans? I'm a couple years behind here but would love to get my hands on them. Thanks!

Dear Bernhardt,

I have a photocopy of V's LIBRO SECONDO (Roma 1647) which I could photocopy again and send by ordinary surface mail to you. My copy is poor (many pages are very dark and difficult to make out) and, since my cheap printer/scanner produces low quality scans and is also very slow and would take ages, a photocopy is better.

I can't recall from where I obtained the copy. Perhaps someone on this list?



Dear Martyn, Thank you for your kind offer! Meanwhile I have a printout of a poor copy, presumably of the same copy that you have as well. Best regards, Bernhard


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