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This is another query about a painting of the baroque guitar with lute.  I have this attributed to Bartolomeo Manfredi but elsewhere it seems to be attributed to Theodoor Rombouts.  It has the title Das Musizierende Paar.   Which is the correct artists?

What I also wanted to know was whether anyone has seen the actual painting and whether it is possible to read the music they are playing.   From the reproductions I have it looks as if it is tablature.



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With the picture blown up very large I can just see what appear to be thinner strings on the thumb side of both the 4th and 5th courses. There are only 9 frets,  He is playing a rather odd chord.  3rd course stopped at the 4th fret, 2nd course stopped at the 5th fret and 1st course stopped at the 7th fret = B - E = B.

Meanwhile, under the Pont Neuf....


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