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I know its common knowledge that strumming wasnt used in the 19th century. But I keep thinking- didnt anyone used strumming at all, someone must have done it. And what strumming patterns where used. Was it still the baroque guitar strumming that where used or was some new ways used.

What are the thoughts on this issue in this forum. Please let me know what You think

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That is a fascinating source! Thank you! Yes, I find strumming much easier on double strung instruments as well :-)

the link dosent work for me. Would You please put up another one

Here it is:


thanks Jelma

Boccherini's fandango was likely played in the 19th century.  It would be interesting to know what he thought were "scherzi de mano a lo majo".

Hello Pablo,

Where did you saw the sentence "scherzi de mano a lo majo"?


I have Belwin Mills edition of Boccherini's quintet for guitar in d major.  About twenty measures fom the end, you get a "rasgado" -not "rasgueado"- indication above  the guitar staff and in the next measure you get the "con scherzi di mano a lo majo" below the staff... whatever that means.

Since this is a performer's edition and not a scholarly one, I wouldn't know if Boccherini's indications are the ones above the staff, the ones below the staff or both or none.

In any case, if it is useful, the "Castagnettes" indication -which I believe was Boccherini's-  in the first violin part is written BELOW the staff and in italics... just like the one we are talking about.

Do you know if a facsimile edition is available to see what Boccherini ACTUALLY wrote?


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