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I am having a Baroque guitar built by an excellent luthier of bowed instruments as well as a few medieval string instruments (citole, harp, lute), but mine will be his first Baroque guitar. It will have a 64cm scale and be patterned after one of the surviving Stradivaris (but not the Sabionari). 

I am wondering what string spacings at nut and bridge are favored by players and builders here. Also the string height at the bridge, and the gauge of the gut frets. I plan to string it with Nylgut.

Thanks for any ideas you can share!

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I wouldn't use nylgut if I were you.   I'd use plain gut.

Hello, I have a baroque guitar whose frets are plain gut. I wonder what happens if I use nylgut instead... 

How would it affect the result? 

Gut for ever !


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