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I post this announcment about a very special book to come (on subscriptions only) It is a great book (320 pages, 297x371mm, a lot of great quality photos) about the luthier Stauffer in Vienna, XIXth century.
The autors are Erik-Pierre Hofmann, luthier, expert and restorer of early guitars, Pascal Mougin, Photograph, and Stefan Hackl, Guitar teacher and reasercher in Austria.
A part the 60 instruments shown with detailled photos in the book, there is an documented part on the musical life in Vienna, around some figures as Giuliani, Legnani, Regondi, Mertz, Diabelli.
Text are in French, German and English.
Order only by subscription from the authors. Quite expensive, but it will be a reference for luthiers and guitar lovers or scholars interested in this period.

See some picts and infos (and nice music...) at :


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Thanks for the link, Val. I have a Stauffer copy on order from Martin de Witte, so this book has come at a good time for me. On the other hand, it is very expensive!
Tu m'as pris de vitesse! J'allais faire la même annonce...

Tu m'as grillé sur la liste de luth, Patrig... ;-)


Thanks Valery. I'm with Rob, a bit pricy but I think I'll pick it up. Stauffer and the Viennese school are some of my favorites.



Yes it is expensive, but auto-produced by the authors, and a lot of work (very fine work as the preview shows...) in terms of photos, history, organology.  And I can witness of the quality of the work by Erik Pierre on my "Rémy" guitar.

Let's be thankful we aren't part of  the Fiddle community. I guess the Violin book equivalent would be something like. . . . Giuseppe Guarneri 'del gesu' by Chiesa, Dilworth, Hargrave et al. Yours for £420.

Better still. . . 'L'Archet by Bernard Millant et al. £1,235.

Hi, can I know if this book speaks about Nicolaus Georg Ries guitars too? thank you


I think you should ask on the web site of the book, to the authors :



thank you a lot!


I asked Erik Pierre Hofmann, if I have an answer I'll tell you !

All the best


Merci Beaucoup, c'est trés gentil de votre part.

J'attend des nouvelles alors!

à bientot 

He told me he will reply to you directly. But he says the book is not only about Stauffer but all Viennese school of the XIXth century, including Reis, of course. (for all thoses interested...)



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