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Dear friends,

I've taken advantage of the SoundCould music system to collect in one place many of my free mp3 files. Here you will find my performances of Bach's 2nd cello suite, lots of Scottish lute music, baroque guitar music from Portugal, Spain and France, guittar music by Oswald and from the little-known Robert Ross publication, Fuenllana galore, oh, and other stuff - all free.

The address: https://soundcloud.com/robmackillop/sets 

You can Like and Share, should you feel so moved, and even embed, if that turns you on. You can even become a Follower :-)

Some of these recordings date back a decade or more. I will be adding more from my archive, and will notify when.

If the SoundCloud player does not upload properly, just Refresh your page.

Sorry if you are reading this on more than one site...


Rob MacKillop

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Excellente idée;


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