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go to
then search for the key words Gaspar Sanz (try also luys Milan...)
And you got it...

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Also Bermudo and Cabezon...
Comment fais-tu pour enregistrer le livre en entier en une fois? How can you record the all book?
????? Patrig
Je ne sais pas... J'ai essayé de cliquer sur la disquette mais ça n'a rien donné. (sinon Patrig, la première proposition marchera toujours...)
I have made a pdf file out of these pics. It's on my page. It's called Gaspar Sanz - 1674
It's easier to use now. I just thought it might help someone who is tired to click all the time to see the next page.

P.S. Hope they won't sue me for that...
Fuenllana, Miguel de: "Libro de Mvsica para Vihuela. Enl ql se cotienen muchas y diuersas obras ..."
Sevilla, 1554. 366 pp.
Biblioteca de Andalucía.

Daza, Estebán: "Libro de musica en cifras para vihuela, intitulado el Parnasso."
[Valladolid], 1576. [243] pp.
Bibliothèque Nacional de Portugal.


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