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Hello Everybody,

These 3 tarantellas are being posted here for convenience. These are the only 3 Tarantellas by Murcia that I know of. If there are any more please post the information within this thread. The Tarantellas are labeled 1 - 3, 1 being the easiest and 3 the hardest. Tarantellas 1 & 2 are quite similar to each other with 2 being longer and more intricate. There are a few youtube videos with renditions of Tarantellas 2 & 3 - the performances are quite good! 

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Tarantela 3 is actually originally from Murcia's printed book "Resumen de acompanar" which is in proper Italian tablature with alfabeto . Where did you get this arrangement of it from?

Hi Monica,

Thank you for responding. I found the arrangement of Tarantela 3 right here on the Early Guitars and Vihuela page.

In the scores section Timo Peedo uploaded a collection of pieces titled Murcia.PDF. I used the primo pdf program to separate the Tarantela from the rest of the collection. Daniel Shoskes also uploaded a copy of Tarantela 3 in modern tablature as well. On a personal note, Monica over the years I have benefited greatly from your contributions to the baroque guitar community. Thank you very much! 

This is the Tarentela from Resumen if you are interested.


Thanks Monica,

I'm very interested and downloaded the piece immediately! Have a good weekend!



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