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Livre de guittarre.... Gravé par Hierosme Bonneuil -l'auteur (Paris)-1682Visée, Robert de (1660?-1733?). 

Livre de pièces pour la guittarre.... Gravé par Bonneuil -A. Letteguine (Paris)-1686  Visée, Robert de (1660?-1733?). 

Livre de pièces pour la guittarre.... Gravé par Bonneuil -A. Letteguine (Paris)-1686Visée, Robert de (1660?-1733?).

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Thank you Toshiaki.

Beautiful engraving isn't it.

Beautiful books!

Thank you.


SWEET! Thank you so much :D
I am considering digitizing my PhD dissertation on Visee's theorbo works and posting for free. 
@ Alexander: I think that would be very generous! :-) I hope you will.
it would be very interesting!
My PhD dissertation on de Visée is available on my website. Visit alexanderdunn.ca and click 'Music', then select 'PhD Dissertation'.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!! I haven't been able to find a facsimilie for sale anywhere. Now, I am saved....

My entire PhD dissertation on Visée is available for free at alexanderdunn.ca under the 'Music & Video" tab.  

Thank you for this link.

It had an additional "emotional" plus... The prelude in the first suite was the cover art on one of the first  pieces of sheet music I bought: Luis Milán's Six Pavanas and a Fantasia tras. by Alexander Bellow. That was back in the late 70s... shure brings nice memories.


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