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hello I was looking for a book with music for baroque guitar by Robert de Visée called Pièces manuscrites especially
Pièces in ré mineur

Allemande la Royalle, Sarabande, Masquerade, Gigue, Gavotte, Chacone.
can someone help me where you can get or consult

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I think what you are referring to is a section in Robert Strizich's "Oeuvres completes" published by Heugel. This is a staff notation transcription of al De Visee's known works for guitar. The pieces en re mineur are on p. 91-95. The original tablature versions of the pieces are in two different manuscripts. The allemande is in Ms. Vm76222, f.17v and the others in Ms. Res. F. 844, p.9, 61,199, 197 & p. 237. Ms. Res F. 844 is available on the Bnf website Gallica. I am not sure  about the other ms. Hope that is some help.  

hello Monica ,thank you for the information I will look for it in Gallica .regards

Hello Andrew, perfect¡ thank you, regards


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