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Is anybody aware of any online tutorial for the basic rasguado techniques on b. guitar (such as trillo etc.)?

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I don't know of any. I wish someone would do one, interpreting the published instructions. I did a stupid one, while I was just fooling around one morning. You might get something out of it: http://youtu.be/gArlVOJW4ME but it is not something Robert de Visee might recognise. But it was fun to just let rip, so I'll stand by it as an example of someone having fun :-)

There is some information about this in James Tyler's book - "The guitar and its music"  (2002) and his "Guide to playing the baroque guitar" (2011).  There is also Sylvia Murphy's article "17th century guitar music : notes on rasgueado performance" in Galpin Society Journal 1968 p.24-32.   She has translated some of the instructions found in Italian battute books.   Also if you look at the section "The baroque guitar made simple" on my webpage http://monicahall.co.uk    you will find translations of similar instructions.

Thank, Monica and Rob.


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