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When I uploaded the CHAT page, our personal mp3 players disappeared! I took the Chat page off and attempted to reinstate the Music Players. The one on the MAIN page has uploaded again, but the one on my MY PAGE says 'loading' - but never does.

Anyone else having problems?

I have tried to reinstate the Chat page. Let me know if that is a problem. I also noticed that the BLOGS page had disappeared, so have reinstated that.

Regarding the Music Player on the MAIN page: I cannot remove it without removing the one on MY PAGE, and it only plays my own uploads. I apologise if some find this too egotistical for me to present only my own recordings on the MAIN page. I just can't see any way around it.

If any computer-savy soul wants to become co-administrator for this site, let me know...

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I'm not seeing any members personal MP3 players - irrespective of browser.
Not all members have uploaded sound files, so their Music Player would not be visible. I have noticed that the Music Players of Jelma van Amersfoort and Jean-Marie Poirier are working fine again. I haven't checked everybody's My Page...The only one that doesn't seem to be working is mine!

How odd. Yours is the only player that seems to display, the other players try to load for a very brief moment. Try doing a force refresh (ctrl + reload) and see what happens.
I've taken the CHAT page off.

Are you saying that you see my player working but no-one else's?
Exactly but they are all back up and working fine now.
Except mine! Grr!
I don't think anyone has used chat since I added it to the sites I administer (I run a couple of private ones too). If chat causes other features to die, then it's probably not worth it.
I added the chat feature to the cittern site but didn't have any problems (of which I am aware!). I just tried the main player as well as all of those mentioned by Rob (including his) -- I had no difficulty. Maybe they were but temporary glitches?
Can other people see and hear the Music Player on my MY PAGE? It just doesn't work for me.

It seems to be intermittent. Last night they all displayed except your home page - fine on the main page. Now non of the players or photo's (of any member) is visible - but that's in Firefox. If I switch to using the Opera browser everything is visible including the player on your page. I don't use IE.
All very odd.
I'm using Firefox and it works fine, I can hear your mp3 with the player fine !
Hi Rob! I'm using firefox too, and your player works perfectly.
Kind regards,


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