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Possible source for inexpensive baroque guitar and vihuela cases

I am waiting for the delivery of a baroque guitar and was researching economical sources for cases.  I came across two possibilites. 

  1. http://www.smallguitars.com/results.php?CategoryID=85
  2. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gator-GWE-Acou-3-4-Hardshell-3-4-Size-A...

The 3/8-1/2 case looks like it will fit my guitar.  I have yet to find out the final length.  All other dimensions are perfect.  The 3/4 case would fit the length with some to spare but will need padding along the sides.

Anyone else have a good source?



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 Depends upon your definition of inexpensive.  All the suggestions you list are for ready made cases where the guitar may or may not fit.  In my experience if you have a Vobaom style guitar with  a 66 to 68 cm mensur  you will need a standard classical guitar case. This will work but you will need to fit some foam inserts to keep it from bouncing. As for fitted cases: the only reasonably priced vendor that I've come across in the US is Cedar Creek cases. They can make a custom fitted case that will withstand a fair amount of abuse . Though not as elegant or light as the Kingham cases they are much more durable. Last time I had them make a case for me it was about $200. US. Of course the usual caveat: customer service is less than stellar.

For an off the peg and relatively cheap case, the TKL 7875 is one of the better alternatives. It does feature ply construction, a much better alternative to compressed fibre.

In the US it retails for around $85 (an absolute bargain!). In the UK it's more like £110. Unfortunately shipping, tax and import duty takes it's toll on the Europeans.

Lacote's and other similar Romantic Guitars, Panormo and Voboam's should all fit. A certain amount of internal padding is required, especially with Lacote's. Check with the dimensions given on the TKL website.

I bought a case for a romantic guitar, made on mesure from an italian compagny :

RCH di Chiaramoni R., R. & C Contrada Marignano 62018 Potenza Picena (MC) (Italy) Tel: + 39 0733 676 458 fax: +39 0733 870 226


the cost (including taxes and shipping in Europe) was 125 euros...

They of course make cases for all types of guitars, vihuela, baroque, lutes...

Hi Valery, how is that case? Is it good? Did you send a drawing?

Best, Jelma

It is not the top quality of Kingham cases, but correct. Lining inside is just a little bit "poor" (black "feutrine") but for the price it is really correct. I send them a photo of the instrument with precise mesures of all parts. Can send also a drawing at real size. Very nice contact with Mario, and wait one month for the case to be at home after ordering. I will ask one for my future vihuela... (next year...)




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