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Apologies if this has already been discussed. I am looking for a hardshell case to fit a Baroque guitar (Catalan model) by Alexander Hopkins. I am aware of Kingham's excellent product, and would appreciate any other recommendations. Thanks in advance to all. Eric.

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Dear Eric

A previous discussion is  here

Besides that, here are some case makers: Victor Vorko, and RCH.

I'm sure there are others! And maybe we can see a photo of the guitar? I'm very interested in Hopkins' instruments!


I'll be interested in finding a case as well as I have a Hopkins Castilian model coming later this month. I understand he makes a case for his instruments but I assume a more travel friendly case might be what you have in mind.

I went for the fully decorated one with the rabbits, griffins and so on.

 I've heard nothing but praise for his work and the one that I did see live had a very impressive and full sound.

I'll be sure to post my thoughts when mine  arrives. Here's a photo he sent of it just before putting the finish on.


I will share whatever information I gather. The guitar was a Xmas gift to my wife, who is more than pleased with it.




I replied on the other discussion, but I'll chime in again with a recomendation for the parlor guitar cases available from Elderly Instruments:


I just got an email from them recently advertising a sale on these as well-not sure if it's over, though.

Just checked my email...sale ends tomorrow, January 12. "Just enter the Coupon Code 63623in the space provided in our website shopping cart, and the 20% discount will be shown in thecheck-out summary.  For a phone order (888-473-5810), just mention the Coupon Code 63623or the 20% sale.  Ifyou're visiting our Showroom,just mention the sale or bring in this coupon.  This offer only appliesto cases that are in-stock - sorry, no backorders or special orders."


Though not a "fitted case", check the measurements of your baroque guitar with their available stock and you can probably find a parlor case that will work. The prices are probably quite a bit less than a specially made case so for anyone on a budget, it would be a good option. I'm well pleased with the quality of mine.


I will investigate Elderly's product for parlor guitar, along with the others that've come in. Thanks for your advice.


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