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I'm looking for 19th century guitarmusic that's online, beside the sweedish Boije Collection and the Danish Rischel & birket Smith collection. Does anyone knows.

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There's some stuff here but it's not facsimilies and shows some editing:



As you probably know there's some facimilies here : Although some are different editions than the Boije or Richel which are interesting, much is the same or links to.



There apparently is a hugh Russian collection (mostly seven string Russian tuning but some six and 10 string as well) but since I don't know Russian I'm having issues finding it. I'm waiting for my friend to send me the link. I'll post it if and when I get it.

Thanks Scot.

This site...


...has lots of Soviet era 7-string (G tuning) guitar publications. A range of music from the  19th C (but in modern editions) to modern (but not 'modern'). Not easy!

Perhaps I wasnt clear enough. What I meant was digitalized online sheets for free to print. It seems to me that the site with the russian music is a site where one has to buy the music, though I dont speak russian. But thank You anyway Stuart.

Lars, this Russian site is only for free download, not for buying. Although Google Translate is not ideal you can always use it to get a rough idea what it's all about. For example, the first item on the first page is translated by it as:

 "Self playing seven-string guitar"
V.Sazonov MUZGIZ.1961g. (10Mb)
- Download >>>

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The correct translation would be more like "Teach yourself seven-string guitar" but "self playing" is pretty much close :)
What is more important though is that the magical word 'Download' (Russian 'Cкачать') is rendered correctly, so just click on it and the music will be with you within seconds.

Nice that Russian site, thanks Alexander.

Here is a recently digitalized collection of guitar music from Ireland:


Thanks to Sebastian Nuñez.


Wow! Over 1000 titles , downloadable as pdfs. 19th century guitar music, songs, guitar with piano, with violin and with other instruments.  Carulli etc of course,  but also Derwort, Eulenstein and the less well known.

thank Jelma.


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