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Has anyone heard 20th century music composed or arranged for baroque guitar?

I have seen some recent folias and I've heard of at least one concerto.

I believe the sound of the BG might be good for some piano compositions by Cage like "A dream"... i guess the reentrant tuning might work in this case.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Coincidentally I posted some days ago 2 studies for baroque guitar by the Valencian composer Herrero Grau.

Here you can see the video:


Saludos, Thomas

Great music, but I think the link should be:


I really enjoyed your playing of Study I.

Hi, not exactly "for" baroque guitar, but Rolf Lislevand recorded some interesting music for ECM which is basically arrangements of 17c music (Kapsperger and others) for large ensemble consist of baroque instrumens including barocque guitar.  He has released two albums with the ensemble called "Nuove musiche" (2006) and "Diminuito" (2009).  I'm not sure if I can recommend them here in this context, but I personally like the first album.


Also, if I remember correctly, Rob (MacKillop) might have mentioned elsewhere that someone performed Joaquin Rodorigo's "Fantasia para un gentilhombre" with a baroque guitar.  Considering that this piece is essentially an arrangement of Sanz' baroque guitar pieces, it is very interesting.  But, unfortunately, I haven't found any recording of it either on CD or YouTube.

You are right.  His canarios are quite a great work.

In the deep of the internet I found  few years ago this piece, a "Folias nuevas" by Gerard Rebours.

Its very idiomatic for the BG.

You can listen to something I composed...  For what it's worth.  Go to http://cudspan.net/baroque/, then scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Hallo Chris:

Beautiful composition with a very peculiar character. The opening theme sounds like the theme from Britten's Nocturnal, hence the title "Again"? But surely I'm wrong with my assumption.

Saludos, Tom

Thank you so much, Tom.  I wish I had the courage to purposely quote Britten...  I can barely play his folk song settings, let alone make a reference!  The theme just sort of fell out of the instrument...  The piece was part of an installation that followed a collaborative story.  The title only situates the piece within that story.  And of course, it's meant to loop around to the beginning...  again.

Saludos a ti tambien...          cud


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