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Does anybody have a link to a codice saldovar 4 (or however it's spelled) facsimile pdf that they can share? Or is there some reason that's not in the public domain. I could only find a print version for sale for a crazy amount of money.

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Send me  a message with your email. I can share .

Surprise surprise - I have a pdf of most of it.   I am not sure what is the best way to share it as it is a big file.   I'll try to add it to my page if no one else can help.

I have now uploaded it to my page.   It is in 3 separate sections.  I find that to open it you have to right click on the link and open in a new window.   Not sure why.   It's in "My scores".

Thank you, that was very kind!

I really appreciate all the help.

hi Monica - i can't seem to find it on your page!

I must have done it wrong.  I just uploaded them again.  Try if it works.   They are under my scores.

GOT IT! thank you!

I've the complete fcs in pdf on my mediafire account. Ask for a direct link (you'll reach my complete library too by the same)

have a look here  and go to SALDIVAR CODEX :


If problem, send me a private message.

Thank you for the response. I sent a friend request so I can Message you, but Im happy to share my email address here for that matter. w.brettschneider@yahoo.com

Thank you so very much! That worked. I am very grateful.

The copy of the facsimile now included on Monica Hall's page appears to be a reproduction of the copy of Codex Salvdivar No.4 published by Michael Lorimer originally in 1987. In my copy Mr Lorimer claims copyright, as of 2012 over the entire publication and states that it may not be reproduced etc. without the prior written permission of the publisher. It also states that sale of the book supports the Saldivar Library i.e. the library of the Mexican musicologist who found and saved the manuscript. I wonder what is the status of this reproduction and the policy of the forum with respect to copyright generally?


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