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Does anyone have of copy of this manuscript - I-MOe Ms. E.323 - of baroque guitar music or know where I could download it from?

Thanks Monica

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dear Monica

i've found this study about e323 from biblioteca estense of modena, i think it's possible write a letter to ask the envoy of a microfilm... perhaps... (i'm not in Modena since 1990! about.. now i live in bergamo.)

Simone Pistis made a dissertations about ms 323 and i think he has got a copy...

you can find his study at the linl below:


greetings from Italy

 Davide Bortolai

Thank you very much.   That is most helpful. Bergamo must be a nice place to live too. Best wishes Monica

I asked a copy of the ms last year but the price was really high (I remind something as 120 euros ... or a little bit more) and you have to engage your confidence in the Italian mail service ..

I believe the Lute society of America has a microfilm of it.   I borrowed it many years ago but haven't approached them recently.   I read Simone Pistis article which was very useful.


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