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For some time now I have been looking for a program that can do mixed tablatures for baroque guitar as a new set, and I have just finished a successful attempt (Valdambrini: Gagliarda seconda). I tried to keep the original signs as much as possible. The only exception: I converted the original Italian tablature into a French one. In addition, "normal" rhythm flags appear above the tablature in this attempt, which isn't the case in Valdambrini's edition. The program that does this is Musescore (version 3.6 for me). You have to do some tricks, and the work takes a bit longer, but the result is quite good, I think. Maybe this will help others to write readable tablatures.

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Why convert it into French tablature? It just looks odd. The original is not so difficult to read. The tablature programme Fandango is actually quite good for Italian tab with alfabeto.

It was simply an experiment, a test if and what works with Musescore. Nothing 100 percent scientifically accurate. By the way, it is said that there are still players who have difficulties with Italian tablature....


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