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As M; Tomlinson's edition (Italian secular songs vol 6) is no more avalaible, any idea about where I could find it?

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this wide silence makes me afraid!
A good place to start might be a nearby University or Conservatory library. I was able to request the book from my local public library with an Inter Library Loan request. Our University Music Library had the entire series.

You could also try searching the World Cat catalog at: http://www.worldcat.org/ You may need to try a few different searches (for Milanuzzi, Tomlinson, Italian secular songs, etc).

Don't be afraid! -- R
Thank you Rocky. . In fact what I need is a copy of the "quarto..." to work on it. LSA has the others volumes of Milanuzzi's publication in microfilm, except this one, which contains as you know some Monteverdi's jewels. So a library is not the convenient source for me, as I have not enough time to copy all the songs, except if I could make pictures or loan the books, which is not easily possible here for me.
I hoped that somebody has a copy or a way to find one in this forum. Seems I have no luck...


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