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Dear all,

I am looking for the facsimile (or a performing edition) of Marin's Tonos Humanos. Could anybody advise where I might find this book?

Best wishes,


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Hi Bernhard,

There is a edition by Chanterelle with a transcription and tablature.
Look at: www.chanterelle.com
I've been looking for this works for a long time and finally found it too!

Do you know more music (specially iberic) originally composed for voice and guitar?
Thank you so much! I know I had seen it somewhere, but then could not remember where exactly. I ordered the book straight away. Unfortunately, being myself new to this kind of repertoire, I can't be of any help concerning other sources for voice and guitar. There is some music under "scores" on this site though.

Thanks again and all the best,

A performing edition of this was published by Editions Chanterelle in 1997. It is useable but don't believe everything you read in the introduction. The manuscript has never been published in facsimile. I have a photocopy of part of it. Monica
Thank you, Monica. I'll keep that in mind. Bernhard


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