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My edition of the "Libro de diferentes cifras", ms. M 811 in the Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid, is finally in print. It contains 109 pieces for baroque guitar, mostly in Italian tablature and a few in alphabeto. The authors are Gaspar Sanz (from his Instruccion , sometimes in new or arranged versions), Francesco Corbetta and some pieces that could be atributed to Santiago de Murcia, and a lot of unatributed pieces.
Since the rythm in the manuscript is not precisely written, my work has been to re-construct the pieces according period approach and similar pieces in other sources.
The edition comprises a study about the source and the concordances, as well as the music in easy-readable Italian mixed tablature.
It can be purchased via the Sociedad de la Vihuela. More information here:


Francisco Valdivia

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Interesting information, can you tell us more?
Best regards from Rouen, Patrig
Dear Patrig: In the links there's a brief description of the book. I can tell you more if you like, but please let me know what you want.
Regards, Francisco


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