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does anyone have any idea if this has been arranged for baroque guitar anywhere?

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Are we talking about this  version for lute ?

If it gets arranged for BG it would have to be placed higher.

I do not have a scanner nearby, but this should be clear enough. I tried transcribing the first few variations. I'm order to keep the Campanella effects, I transposed it to d minor. Tell me if you thing it is worth the effort to transcribe the rest. Obviously, there are many things you can do with a baroque lute that y ou cannot do with a guitar and vice versa. I decided to use some strummed chords. Regards.

yes, that's the one! THANK YOU! :D

i'll have a play through and get comments to you later :D

it's great! i'd love to see more :)

Check this one... it calls for some rather high frets like m,n,o, and p.

Tell me if you like it.



wow it's brilliant, thank you! i only have 10 frets on one baroque guitar and 12 on the other, so i have to work by feel, it's really stretching my comfort zone for higher frets but wow, thank you :D

Thanks to you, Hope you e joy it.

It may still have some mistakes, but I tried it and it sort of worked...

My guitar has those high frets but they are a bit out of tune. Since they are not on the fretboard, they cannot be tuned. However, the high parts sound acceptable.


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