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Hello everyone, I've just been lucky enough to access baroqueguitar.net's archived pages to download some pdf files. Every time I go on that website it seems to be hit or miss whether or not it decides to let me load the pages especially Robert de Visee's pages. I have a good 13 or so suites by de Visee now and was thinking of adding them here. I am a little reluctant being that it was not my website but I know music is hard to find and it could be useful to others. Should I add them?

The archived website seems to be non existent now.(which is sometimes temporary)

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Wow... I tried to go to baroqueguitar.net, and it seems to be spoofed by a disreputable site. If you're easily offended, I suggest you don't try to visit it for the time being. Is that what you mean by hit or miss?
Yup that's exactly what I mean. One time I was successful getting the actual site so I downloaded as much as I could. I'll see about uploading some music scores.
Have you tried using the fuller URL. For example, if the tabs are on the archive page, maybe the URL is www.baroqueguitar.net/archive... Would any URLS like that work?
This is the url I use to get on the site.http://baroqueguitar.net/" It seems to work 50% of the time. Mainly, I was thinking of uploading some scores I got from it onto Ning so people could find the music.
Particularly 13 de Visee suites that I know you can't find on the web for free. Would that be wrong?
I'd be happy to see them. Unfortunately I don't know the ethics. I mean, the music should be public domain, but the effort to pull the tablatures together may not be. I defer to anybody else on this site who might have an educated opinion.
This is the URL that works for me:


Maybe we should try to get in contact with the site's owner... if he's still around he may want to join us and share his work himself. This would help us get rid of all copyright issues... I think.
Thanks guys good advice. It's a shame the site crashes randomly though. There's tons of great music on it. I'm new to the 5course and thanks to the wonderful people on Ning, I've actually been able to have music. When you type baroque guitar tabs in google you get a 1000 pages of Joe Satriani and a 1000 pages of Bach for modern guitar. I think I've got it bad, but I can't imagine what anyone might have gone through before the internet.
Anyways...just trying to think of away to contribute back. I didn't notice a whole lot of
de Visee scores here and I got a good amount now so maybe I'll retype them up and post them LOL. Thanks
If you are thinking about retyping the whole thing..., maybe a version in Italian or French tab might help... modern guitar tab is OK; but you knowyou are playing a transcription the very moment you start reading.
I just put the following in my browser, and got to this page! Viola!

How cool is that?!
So it looks like this site is an automatic archive of the original site, with some web crawler going out and finding this stuff. Not all of the collections are available, the De Visee notably being absent.

The CONTACT page lists the following email address:

No telling who this is. I wonder if he or she still has this address? I'll let you know if it bounces...

Er... It bounced.
Good job !!!
I downloaded everything I wanted of it before it disappears again.
Domenico Pellegrini's "Battaglia Francese" was a real find for me thanks.
I couldn't get it on the website I had.
It's sad huh. There was a lot of music there too.


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