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It seems that there is no reprint of the 3rd book of Granata Opus. I'm interested in Granata's sonata for guitar and basso continuo: any suggestion?

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Granata's surviving solo works have been transcribed in Gary R. Boye's 1995 dissertation "Giovanni Battista Granata and the Development of Printed Music for the Guitar in Seventeenth-Century Italy". A PDF download of it costs $42 (in America) from:
Boye's transcription and parallel tablature are handwritten.
Granata's Op. 3 "Sinfonia a dui" is transcribed (65 measures long), but I don't see any "sonata" listed in Boye's inventory of "Nuova Scielta" (1651).
-- R
Thank you Rocky. I found the term sonata in James Tyler's "guitar and its music..."
Yes, I do see it there, too. It is a "sonata", I suppose, in the sense that it is a piece to be played by instruments. Granata does use the term for his Op. 4 piece for guitar, violin, and basso continuo.
Are you playing any of the other pieces for guitar and continuo? -- R
I began with what I already have, Corbetta 2 sinfonie: funny with the "petit clavier" of a harpsichord, and sounds good!


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