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I just finished and strung up my latest Luis Panormo replica. A few years back I restored the original Panormo this replica is patterned after and have always liked the four piece back and unique bridge design (one of a few from the Panormo family opus) of the original. This one has a Pao Ferro (aka Bolivian Rosewood among other names) back and sides and Englemann spruce top. This combination works for a surprisingly powerful voice for a little guitar. It's off to a new home in a couple days and I'm off to the shop to finish the sister to this one...someone is patiently waiting.

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Beautiful. It must be really hard to let go of these things!

Thank you Rob. Some are harder to say "I'll see you later" (it's never "Good by" I hope) to more than others but thankfully there's always another that needs my full attention so the pain of seperation is transitory....

That is so nice, incredible maple headstock. What type of tuners are they?

Thanks, Tom. The tuners are Rubner from Germany. I generally use Rodgers or Alessi Baker replicas but the Rubners are a good choice if ones budget doesn't allow for the more costly hand made replicas.


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