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I got an email from Rocky this morning asking for donations, and a lengthy paragraph on how to make the donation, complete with translations from Dutch...

I have to say my experience was nothing like Rocky describes. I just clicked Donate, and was taken to my usual Pay page, entered my password, and that was that. All in English, no Dutch.

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Gelukkig maar Rob!


When i made my donation it was the dutch paypal.

The same, it went straight to my usual PayPal account with no troubles.  Still, very nice to have had the instructions available, just in case. 

Seemed to work for me. Mine went to the Dutch page with a choice of credit card or paypal for payment...no English to be found.

With a little guessing on the meaning of the words presented there, somebody named "Jelma" (I'm hoping it's our beloved Jelma!) gets an addition to her account ;)

I have actually had varying experiences when I've tested the Donate button at different times -- sometimes it's opened a Dutch page, sometimes an English page, sometimes that new PayPal window showed my account name, sometimes I was offered a non-PayPal-account form.

I'm happy that people are managing!

Dear guys, I have received all your donations in good order, thank you so much for your generosity! By the end of the week I will send the other administrators (Andrew Hartig and Rocky Mjos) a list of the donations, to make the process as transparent and accountable as I can, as we're living at a great distance from each other. After that I transfer the necessary amount to Rocky, who pays the Ning bill, as he is the main admin. If there is any money left in the PayPal account after that, we keep it for next year's fees. This particicular account is only used for the Ning donations. I hope that reassures all of you.

PS: I generally send every donor a thank-you email, and I will start doing so in the next few days. That should be extra confirmation that your donations have been received in good order. 



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