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There is a warning on the donation page and it's in Dutch or German and I just don't understand either languages and it has stopped me from  donating.
Would it be possible to translate to a more international language of communication?
My first language is French and that's not international,Just like most languages except 
one. I'll let you guess which one.
Please fix that little glitch.
I love this site and really would like to make a donation.

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Dear Jean, I had a look at the PayPal account for EG&V. I changed the preferred language to English - the only options were Dutch and English... Maybe you can have another try? If you still see Dutch, please let me know! Sorry for the confusion, and best regards from Amsterdam, Jelma van Amersfoort
Tank you Jelma, I'll try again.
Keep up this fantastic work.
When you select your country or login in you paypal account (if you already have it) it automatically set the site to your language.
I was taken to the Dutch site but when I logged in, it switched to my home of US English and I could pay in USD.
If you already have a paypal account its easy, I clicked donate on the main page and it took me there and auto recognized me, so I dontated, the language was dutch, the Canadian currency was converted to US dollars.
Im in CANADA. For those leary of Paypal I beleve its actually quite safe as Ive used it for probably 10 years with no trouble. So you should donate something to this great site for we would not want to lose it. It is a wonderful resource!
I donated early this morning before all these questions came up. It was in Dutch until I logged onto my Paypal account. As soon as the system recognised my account it switched to the english page. Sort of, there seems to be a bit of a mix but the recept (which is in Dutch) stated that the cash appeared in Jelma's account as it was supposed to. So all must be working just fine.
Mine switched over to English as well once I logged in......the more important question is, despite the confusion, how close are we to meeting our goal?


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