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I was wondering if someone can suggest me a way to get the tablature of the Capona by Valdambrini 

(the one played here:


Thank you, 


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Hello, do you mean the original? Otherwise I have a version made by me transcribing the original. Is can send to you as soon as I get to my computer at home.

Hi, the transcription would be enough, thank you.


sorry, did I ever reply to you? 

I have found a notification today telling me that you wrote a reply, but your last reply seems to be in February... 


Yes, my last reply was in February, but I haven't received the score yet. Would you be so kind to send it to me, please?

Thank you.

I am very sorry. I am sending you right now!


sent to your mail too...


Thank you very much.

Hello, I’m also interested in this Capona, would it be possible to send me a copy?


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