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Dear all,

Would any one of you have the possibility to share a digitized copy (scan or pdf or whatever) of Luis de Briceño's "Metodo mui facilissimo" published in Paris in 1626.
The Minkoff reprint has been out of date for years and it impossible now to get a copy from the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris without a written permission from Minkoff...

You can contact me personally at < jmpoirier2@wanadoo.fr > in case you could help me !

Thanks in advance and all the best,

Jean-Marie Poirier

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Ooops, I meant "The Minkoff reprint has been out of print for years..."

Excellent news : I was very kindly provided a pdf copy of the whole book by David Van Oijen, so my request is over now !

I remain interested in any ideas regarding this mysterious notation and how to restitute it. I know there is a recording by V. Dumestre and his band but I am not entirely convinced of the musicological pertinence of this interpretation, so any complementary advice or opinion would be welcome !



is there any downloadable digital copy?


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